Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrating my belated 44th birthday with the entire family

Two sisters/friends

This is Meagan with her ridiculous "walking stick." She's trying to trip pedestrians or bikers, which ever comes first! Kevin and Josh really love joking around with each other. They try to keep the mood light.

Look at Josh in the lower left-hand corner. He's always trying to sneek in the picture.

I could not get Meagan to smile, so she decided to be sarcastic and over exaggerate.

Now here is a normal pose.

This picture was taken along the walking/biking trail between Vivian Park and Bridal Veil Falls up Provo canyon. You can see that the girls love putting up with Josh's goofyness! Gotta love it!

Me and my best friend-23 1/2 years married and I'm more in love than ever!

My Josh and Meagan. I swear it is torture for Josh to keep a straight face, but I love it!

Me and my two favorite girls-we were just leaving Goodwood BBQ restaurant. It was the first time I had eaten there and it was really delicious!

Ramona's 44th Birthday-October 13, 2010

Josh is always flirting with the camera! That silly boy! He just got his braces off two days ago, so he is especially proud of his smile.

We had to sneek in a few minutes to cut the pie and serve it with ice cream before Kevin headed off to his meeting with the 11-yr-old scouts, hence that is why he is wearing the scout shirt.

Delana and I are posing for the camera. Take notice of the candles on the pie. There should have been 44 of them, but Kevin improvised and grouped two groups of 4 since we didn't have any more. The pie would have probably been on fire, otherwise!

I guess I have to admit I am in my mid-forties! Crazy!

Josh and his goofy smiles! He keeps things interesting around here!

Friday, October 30, 2009